Viewing Analytics

The Google Analytics feature lets you measure the popularity of your video and site. Analytics tracks and reports the web traffic on your uploaded videos and advertisements by providing comprehensive data such as the number of clicks, total and average time viewed it was watched, and geo-based location of where the video was played.

Analytics are presented in three forms: Channel, Container (VOD, Live Event ), and Advertising, which we will discuss further.

Channel Analytics



Channel analytics provide insight into the number of plays and the amount of time viewed for all content in your library for that channel.

Each channel has its own unique library so the analytics will show in accordance with the content of each channel’s library!

Locating Channel Analytics

    • If you are on a single-channel platform, simply look for the Analytics tab under Channel Settings in the backend admin panel. 
    • If you are on a multi-channel platform first select the channel that you want to view and then look under Channel Settings for the Analytics tab.


Time Period

Start by selecting a preset period or custom date range.

In the Analytics page by default, you will be presented with data aggregated from the previous 7 days. If you want to see the number of plays from a different time period, you can choose one of the following under Period:

      • Custom
      • Yesterday
      • Previous 7 Days
      • Previous 30 Days
      • Previous Month


If you choose this option, then click the start date and end date fields to select the desired dates in the calendar that appears.

        Any other preset date selected will automatically update the From and To fields.



Understanding the Infographics


After selecting a time frame, the Analytics information will display the data collected within that time period in three categories as explained below:


This section displays the number of times the play button has been clicked each time someone goes to watch a video. The data aggregated here is the total number of plays of all videos on the selected channel.

When hovering over the data bullet points on the graph it will provide visualization of the number of events that occurred on a particular date.


This section displays the total amount of time spent by a viewer on all videos in the selected channel. Time format is in HH:MM:SS.

When hovering over the data bullet points on the graph it will provide visualization of the total amount of seconds viewed on a particular date. Time format is in Seconds.



The data shown in this box is the average of the time spent by a viewer on videos throughout the selected channel. 

Time format is in HH:MM:SS.



This data shows where your viewer is and provides a highlight on the country it is being accessed from.



A filtered list by most plays or most viewed time is provided at the bottom of the screen to see the data per video from your library. You can also see more detailed information on that video by clicking on it, which will direct you to its container Analytics page.



Container Analytics

Container Analytics refers to the analytics found inside each individual Live Event and VOD container in your channel library. The analytics shown on each type of container is nearly the same with the exception of a live event container analytics not displaying the “Plays – Percent Watched” section box. Read below for more information.

Analytics – VOD



To get analytics on a particular VOD container, first, choose a VOD in your library that you want to Edit, and then select its Analytics tab.

The Analytics tab becomes available only after there is a video that has been successfully uploaded and processed!

      • Data shown in VOD Analytics is identical as shown in the channel analytics, Except VOD analytics provides additional data on the percentage of video watched. 
      • It provides a breakdown of the number of plays on its video and up to what portion of the video was actually watched.

For example, in the screenshot below we have a total of 5 plays. 

In the “Plays – Percent Watched” box you can see how many out of those 5 plays actually made it all the way through to the end of the video, which was none of them.

      • 3 plays watched 25% or less
      • 1 play made it between 25%-49%
      • 1 play made it to 50%-74%

Analytics – Live Event


The Analytics tab becomes available only after there is a live stream input linked to the containers Event > Stream page. Watch our video called “Initializing a stream” and “Library and Live Event Overview” on how to do this.

To get to the analytics on a particular Live Event container, choose a Live Event in your library that you want to Edit and then select its Analytics tab.

The Live Event containers Active Video Source determines the analytics shown on its Analytics page. This is selected under the container’s Event tab > Source.

By default, the active video source will use the Live event stream. If you have an uploaded video asset and want to see its analytics then you can select it as the active source.

There will be no analytical data if it’s the first time choosing the uploaded video as the source.

If the active video source is a video asset then the “Plays-Percent Watched” will be enabled automatically providing that video is 1 minute or longer.

If the active video source is on the Live event stream then the “Plays-Percent Watched” section will not be displayed. This is due to the uncertainty of ending times of the Live-streamed video.


Analytics – Advertising

Watch a video explaining Advertising Analytics here!

To get the stats on advertising, also known as Pre-Roll videos, select the Advertising tab on the left-hand side under the channel settings, and click on the blue graph icon under the stats.

It will direct you to the analytics page of the whole campaign and displays the combined data collected from all the pre-roll videos under the selected campaign.


Data shown in the form of the infographic are further explained below:


The data shown under this box is the number of times the advertisement was played at the beginning of the video. It is shown in both numerical form which displays the total number of plays and the other is the graphical representation breaking it down by the day.

Bullet points can be clicked or hover over them to see the data gathered for that particular day.


This display box gives you the data on the number of impressions registered on all the pre-roll videos combined, under the selected campaign. Impressions are registered when the advertisements were watched till the impressions mark is set and will not register if the video was skipped in between. 


The data shown here is the number of times viewers clicked on the LEARN MORE button shown during the advertisement.

Similarly, Click’s data is also graphically represented in the graph below which is broken down into days selected above in the search, and when clicked or hovered over the bullet points it displays the info collected for that particular day.


On the campaign analytics page, there are two maps shown as one represents the viewer’s location where impressions were registered and the second is from where the viewer clicked the advertisement.