Setting the Cover Image

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Videos, Live Events


The cover image is a static image that displays on the video player when the video isn’t being played, and as a thumbnail in the video slider.

Immediately get your viewers' attention by adding a compelling cover image for your videos that will display on the front end. 

You have the option to add multiple cover images for each video and select a default image at your discretion. A built-in snapshot feature (VOD only) allows you to grab a screenshot from a video and use that as the cover image.

Accessing Cover Image Tab

You can access the Cover Image tab while editing a video container selected from the Library.

For Video containers, the cover images submenu is located with the other submenus inside the container.

For Live Event containers, the cover images submenu is located inside the Event dashboard.

Automatically-Generated Cover Images (VOD Only)

When a video file is uploaded to a VOD container where no image currently exists, a random screenshot is automatically captured and used as the cover image, given the following conditions:

  1. A default cover image hasn’t been set
  2. The video file is encoding (once in a “Success" state, a cover image is generated)

Uploading a Cover Image

Upload a cover image for your videos which is visible to your audience on the front end. The uploaded image can replace the auto-generated one if desired.

Supported file types include PNG, JPG, and JPEG The recommended image size is 1280 × 720 The maximum image file size is 30 MB

  1. Click the +Upload Image button
  2. Browse and select the image file in the window
  3. Click Open to complete 
  4. A progress bar will appear and quickly disappear after the image has been successfully uploaded
  5. The image will appear in a list with file details

Using Snapshot from Video (VOD only)

Capture a still image from a video and use it as the cover image

You can only use this feature if you've successfully uploaded a video file. For more information, see Managing Video Files.

  1. Click Snapshot From Video button
  2. The Capture Thumbnail from Video window appears
  3. Play or Scrub through the video 
  4. When you’ve reached the point of the video for the desired cover image, click the Capture button
  5. The captured image will appear in the window on the right hand side
    1. To capture a different image, repeat steps 2 & 3 
  6. Click Save to add the image 
  7. The image will appear in the Cover Images screen.

Working with Multiple Cover Images

You can upload more than one cover image and set one as the primary image displayed on the video player page.

  1. Click the +Upload Image button
  2. Browse and select the image file in the window
  3. Click Open to complete 
  4. Repeat the steps above as needed

Setting the Default Cover Image

When more than one image has been uploaded successfully, you can choose which one will be used as the default image on the front end.

  1. Find the desired image in the list
  2. Click Set Default
  3. The default indicator will now appear on the same line as the selected image
  4. The video file you've selected will now be the default.

Learn More 

To create a default cover image that will automatically display every video without a cover image in it — see Customizing Your Platform to learn how.

Organize Cover Image Order

Arrange the cover images you’ve uploaded to organize the order they appear on the cover image screen. Moving the position of an image here does not affect anything else on the platform.

  1. Find image to move
  2. Click and hold to drag the image above or below another image in the list
  3. Release the hold to drop the image in a new position
  4. Repeat as needed

Deleting a Cover Image

Delete a cover image if you no longer want it to appear on your platform.

  1. Click Delete to the right of the image
  2. A message appears to confirm deletion
  3. Click OK to save
  4. The selected file is now deleted 
  5. To delete additional images, repeat the steps above

You may have to refresh the page after deleting.