Setting the Background Image

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Videos, Live Events


Background images are an additional branding component that you can use on the video player pages. 

The background image is displayed with a gradient fade behind the video player.

The first background image uploaded to the container will automatically be selected as the default. When more than one image is uploaded, you can choose a default which is then used as the background image on the front end on the video player page.

Access the Background Tab

You can access the Backgrounds tab while editing a video container selected from the Library.

You have the option to upload a background image at any time to replace the generated image that gets shown when no background image has been uploaded yet. This generated image comes from the video containers cover image if one is available, if not then it will use the sites default cover image.

When the first background image gets uploaded it will become the new default image automatically.

Supported file types: PNG, JPG, and JPEG  The recommended image size: 1280 × 720

  1. Click the +Upload Image button
  2. Browse and select the image file in the window
  3. Click Open to complete 
  4. A progress bar will appear and quickly disappear after the image has been successfully uploaded
  5. The image will appear in a list with file details

Video with Right Related List layout doesn't support the display of background images

Working with Multiple Background Images

You can upload more than one Background Image and set one as the default image displayed on the video player page.

  1. Click the +Upload Image button 
  2. Browse and select the image file in the window
  3. Click Open to complete 
  4. Repeat the steps above as needed

Uploading a Generic Background Image

You can upload a generic background that will automatically show up on all your videos in your library.

  1. Click the Branding tab in left menu.
  2. Click the +Upload Image button
  3. Browse and select the image file in the window
  4. Click Open to complete the upload.

Click delete on the right to delete the image