Working with Attachments

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Videos, Live Events


Adding an attachment to a video for your viewers to download is a great way to get additional information out there while complimenting your video content. 

Once an attachment is uploaded the viewer can access and obtain a download from a video's player page. Configure options to control who can see and download the attachments are available.

Access the Attachments Tab

You can access the Attachments tab while editing a video container selected from the Library.

Adding an Attachment

You can add attachments related to a video for viewers to download. For example, you may have supporting files for a video that you want to share.

Supported file types include: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, TXT, and TEXT

  1. In the video container, select the Attachments tab
  2. Click the Upload Attachment button
  3. Browse to select the file, and then click Open
  4. Enter the following details in the Upload Attachment window

  5. Click Next. A progress bar appears to show that the file has been uploaded
  6. The attachment file has now been added to the list of attachments
Display Name The file name of the upload will auto populate in this field Click on the text box to edit the file name
Access Permissions Accessible by everyone The attachment can be downloaded by anybody with or without a user account. OR Limit access to specific user group Only the user groups you've selected will have access to this file. (Note: If you select this option and you don't select any user groups below, then no users will have access to this file.) Select one of the two options to define who can access and download the attachment

Attachment Dashboard

Once an attachment has been uploaded it will appear on the attachment dashboard.

The following information is visible within the dashboard:

Display Name  Name of the Attachment
File Name  Name of file and file extension
File Size The amount of storage data used for the associated file 
Access Permissions The permissions you’ve defined when uploaded

Edit an Attachment

You can make changes associated with the file once it has been added to the dashboard.

  1. Click Edit on the same line of the attachment to open the attachment details page 
  2. Edit the following options as desired: 
    1. Display Name 
    2. Access Permissions 
  3. Hit Save to complete, or Cancel to return to the dashboard
  4. To delete the attachment from this page, click
    1. A confirmation window will appear, click OK to proceed
  5. Return to the dashboard by selecting the Back to Attachments link on the top left

Download an Attachment

You can download and save the attachment to your computer if needed.

  1. Click Download from the dashboard
  2. The file will begin to download 
  3. When complete the file will be available on your computer

Deleting an Attachment

Each file has its own delete button which allows you to easily delete a file that you no longer want to make available for download.

  1. In the video management screen, click the Attachments tab
  2. Click the Delete button on the same line as the attachment you wish to delete
  3. A confirmation window appears
  4. Click OK to complete

The file has now been deleted.