Template & Branding Questions

How do I configure a page?

Your published content appears across the pages of your site. We provide pre-built page templates and each template is comprised of widgets. Each widget provides a unique way to display content for your viewers. You have the ability to configure the widgets to customize your content display. To configure a page, see the User Page template topic.

Can I create a customized page?

To create a page, you can use an existing page template. See the User Page topic. If you want to display content that's not currently supported by our page templates, contact Vidflex Support.

How can I display a video slider on a page?

A video slider is one of the commonly used widgets for displaying video content on a page. For instructions on how to display a video slider on a page, go to the Video Sliders topic.

I've embedded a video to another site, but the autoplay with sound isn't working

When you create an embed code for a video, you can select autoplay with sound on. However, most internet browsers don't support this feature as per their own policies regarding visual and audio media. There is a general consensus that autoplay with audio on can be highly distracting and may not be what an audience would want. The audience has the option to turn the sound on if they want to.

Should I display a Contact Us page?

It's not mandatory, but if you want to give your viewers a way to ask you questions and provide feedback on your site, then you can configure and publish your Contact Us page.

Should I display a Terms of Use page?

It's not mandatory, but if you want your viewers to be able to read the legal terms of use information of your site, then you can configure and publish your Terms of Use page.

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