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Supported features: Multilingual, Live Events


Polling is an Engagement widget that can help you get to know your audience and their true sentiments about your brand. By engaging with your audience and asking questions, you will foster a strong sense of community around you and understand more about the content your audience has interest in seeing.

Use Polling to help make strategic business decisions and boost your audience engagement.

(If you don't see the table expanded below click on one of its tabs)

Admin View

Admin View

  • Admins can access the polling editor through the front-end of a live event player page
  • Polls are managed in two tabs 'Polling' and 'Leaderboard'
  • In the Polls tab 'Create' is used to make questions for polls and surveys
  • Polls that have a designated answer can be assigned to a leaderboard
  • Polls without a designated answer become Survey questions

Audience View

Audience View

  • Only logged in users can participate in a poll
  • Users can select one of the answers before time runs out
  • Users can go back to see expired polls but cannot answer them if they missed it
  • User can view published poll results and active leaderboards if enabled by the Site Admin

Types of Polls

  • A


    A poll is a multiple choice question that has a designated answer for your users to guess right. Polls are assigned to leaderboards that show the collected data based on the participation for each poll you have published.
  • B


A survey is used for collecting the opinion from your audience based on whatever the survey question is asking. Survey questions cannot be assigned to leaderboards.

Quick Guide

  1. Turn polling on on the back end of the platform - ‘Pages’ dropdown, select ‘System Pages’ (override in individual video containers)
  2. Create poll/survey questions on the front end by selecting the ‘Manage’ link. 
    1. Polls - answer selected
    2. Survey - no answer selected 
Polls Tab
  1. 1-5 and None Leaderboards - select the one you wish to use. 
  2. Create New - create a new question in that leaderboard
  3. Published Poll - questions presented to the viewer. Publish results to move to finished polls
  4. Unpublished polls - questions saved on the system yet not published
  5. Finished Polls - Question published to the viewer as well as the results. 
  6. Cancelled Polls - Questions cancelled by the moderator. 
Leaderboard Tab
  1. 1-5 and None Leaderboards - select the one you wish to review
  2. Export - Export the results on a .cvs file
  3. Leaderboard Visibility - Toggle ‘show’ or ‘hide’ the results for the viewer
  4. Results - Participants username, amount of time used selecting an answer and percentage of correct responses.
  1. Create a new question - poll tab, ‘create new’ button
  2. Publish a question -  unpublish polls
  3. See current poll questions and countdown - poll tab, published poll
  4. Publish results - published polls - publish results button
  1. Edit or delete a unpublished question - unpublished poll dropdown (:)
  2. Cancel a poll question - published poll (:)
  3. Arrange question layout - poll tab, unpublished polls,  hamburger menu

Video Tutorial

Activate Polling

Before you can access the polling editor you'll need to first check that its enabled in 'System Pages'. If you do not see Polling listed in Live Event Player Page that means it has not been activated on your site. 

Please contact sales@vidflex.com to learn more.

Toggle On/Off

  1. Click on the 'Pages' dropdown menu on the left hand side
  2. Click on 'System Pages' and then select 'Live Event Player'
  3. From the Edit Live Player Page screen Select the 'Polling' tab on the left hand menu
  4. Toggle the 'State - On'
  5. Click 'Save'

Override System Page Default Setting

In the 'General' tab of any Live Event container, you can manage the use of polls individually and override the System Page default setting by following the steps below.

  1. In the Polling box choose to use or override default settings
  2. Toggle the state on/off
  3. Hit 'Save' at the bottom of this screen to update your changes

You can quickly access the System Pages default setting by clicking the 'Edit Default' link in the Polling box.


  1. In the 'Channel Settings' left menu, go to the 'Library' tab.
  2. Edit an existing Live Event or create a new one.

  3. When ready, on the top of the container click on 'View Content On Site' button. You can also access the polling feature on the front-end by selecting the video in the video slider, however note this way requires the Admin to be logged in first in order to see the polling editor
  4. When viewing the Live Event Player page verify that you can see the polling section next to the video player

Configuring the Polling Widget

If you can't see the polling section make sure you're logged into the appropriate Admin account and review the previous step above.

(If you don't see the table expanded below click on one of its tabs)

Poll Tab Elements

Poll Tab Elements

Section Description
Create New Create a new poll or survey
Export Export finished polls data into CSV file
Published Poll See the current active polls, there will be a message if you don’t have any published polls
Unpublished Polls Here you will see the poll questions. Choose ‘Publish Now’ to make the question active for the audience to participate in. There is an added security with a disclaimer to confirm publishing the poll
Edit or Delete a Poll View more options by clicking the , here you can edit the questions and answers or delete the question The ability to delete a poll is ONLY WHEN IT’S UNPUBLISHED. You can do this either inside a poll itself or via a drop-down selector
Finished Polls Review the polling questions when the poll is finished
Cancelled Polls - Can review the cancelled poll questions - Cancelled polls can not be re-used or reinstated - Users will see a message in the polling widget saying that the poll was cancelled

Poll Functions

Poll Functions

Function Limit Other insights
Creating Polls 1-5 Depends on how many question's are being asked
Creating Surveys Create as many as you would like to ask
Question per poll 1 Ask anything you want
Poll Survey answers 2-5 Can only designate 1 correct answer
Countdown Timer 30 secs - 59:59 mins In general 30 seconds to 1 minute
Publishing Polls 1 There can only be one poll or survey published at any given time

How to Create a Poll

Polls have one correct answer and must be assigned to a leaderboard before saving and publishing.

  1. Click 'Create' to open the Poll editor for the first time. On your next visit the create button will say 'Manage' if any polling data exists.
  2. The Polls tab is selected by default the 'Create New' window opens for you. If not make sure the Polls tab is selected and then click 'Create New'
  3. Enter your question in the ‘Question’ text box (120 character limit)
  4. Enter your answers in a multiple choice format below the question (30 character limit). A poll requires a minimum of 2 answers
  5. To add more questions use the '+ Add More' located under the last question up to a maximum of 5
  6. Click on the check mark to designate the correct answer
  7. Setting the countdown timer is required in order to save the polling question. Enter a time between 30 seconds up to a maximum of 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  8. Assign this poll to a leaderboard
    • if its the first poll then first leaderboard will already be selected
    • you can easily change leaderboards by selecting another one referenced in the image below

  9. Saving the poll allows you to edit and publish it at a later time. 'Publish Now' makes the question immediately available for your audience.

    You cannot unpublish a poll once its been published

How to Create a Survey

Surveys do not have a designated answer and are intended for you to collect the audience opinion on the question being asked.

  • Because surveys do not have a designated answer it cannot be assigned to any of the 5 poll leaderboards
  • Surveys are automatically assigned to the Survey poll
  • Surveys do not have a leaderboard to show
  1. You can start on the Survey's tab and click the Create New button here
  2. Follow the 'Create Poll' steps 1-5 above. 
  3. Do not designate a correct answer
  4. Choose to 'Save' first or 'Publish Now'

Polling States


Remember to give yourself enough time review any polls and surveys before the live streamed event begins.

  1. Select the the ‘Polls’ tab
  2. Select a poll board with the questions you want to publish
  3. Open its ‘Unpublished Polls’ drop-down
  4. The questions you created will be listed. Use the hamburger icon to move the questions in the order you want them to appear when publishing multiple questions

  5. When you're ready to reveal the question to your audience, click the ‘Publish Now’ button. Only 1 poll can be published at a time, and the questions will immediately appear for your audience
  6. If you've published multiple questions at the same time your most recently published question appears on the viewers screen right away

    Leave enough time for each question to be answered before the next question appear

Active Poll

Once you have selected to publish a question it will move to the ‘Published Poll’ tab. 

  • You can see the question and allotted time left for your viewers to reply. 
  • The question is now visible to the audience and the countdown timer will begin.
  • Once started, you are not able to stop or restart the poll.

Admin view

Audience view

Cancelled Poll

Changes cannot be made to published polls, but you can cancel the poll once it’s been published if needed

  1. Select the Polls tab
  2. Select the appropriate poll board
  3. Look under the 'Published Poll' section to see the list of questions
  4. Hover your mouse over the 2 dots besides the question you want to cancel
  5. Click 'Cancel'. The question has now been moved to the 'Cancelled Polls' at the bottom of this window
  6. Optional - recreate the poll question to modify the question & answer, and then publish it when ready

    Tip: If the question is in the ‘Unpublished Poll’ tab you can edit or delete it prior to publishing the question

Finished Poll

When the countdown timer is done, the published poll will close and your audience will no longer be able to select an answer.

Publishing Results

Now that you’ve successfully created and administered a poll or survey, you’re now ready to publish the results for your viewers. When your question has been published and the countdown is complete, it will remain in the ‘Published Poll’ drop-down

  1. The widget will automatically begin to calculate the results and may take a few minutes to complete. Once the results are calculated, the status will update and the ‘Publish Results’ button will appear
  2. Click the ‘Publish Results’ button, it will automatically present the results for all participants including moderators
  3. The ’Poll’ and ‘Leaderboard’ tab will update automatically
  4. The question and answer (indicated with a green border and checkmark) will appear on the end-users screen
  5. The audience user can scroll through the questions with the ‘previous poll’ and ‘next poll’ arrows. A green checkmark will reveal the correct answer and their results as a percentage. If a user selects the wrong answer a will appear so they will know instantly if they got the answer right or wrong.

Tip: As the system reveals the results of the questions individually, wait a few minutes in between publishing them to ensure your viewer has enough time to review

(f you don't see the table expanded below click on one of its tabs)

Publishing Results

Publishing Results

Admin View

Admin View

Front-end Poll Views

Front-end Poll Views

Admin View

Audience View


Front-end Leaderboard Views

Admin view

Audience view

Export Results

Administrators can export the results on two downloaded zip files. The files show a summary of the results in two formats with independent files.

  1. Leaderboard Tab
  2. Click on bule ‘Export’ button 
  3. Files will begin to download, select location or file folder to save

Once the .csv file has downloaded the details on each file are as follows:

Response Report
  • Date/time
  • URL (of platform)
  • Question Group
  • Question #
  • Question
  • Email address of the Participant
  • Display Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • IP Address
  • Answer in numerical order
  • Y/N if participant got the question right
  • Time of when selection was made
  • Response Date
  • Timestamp
Leaderboard Report
  • Date/time
  • URL (of platform)
  • Question Group
  • Rank
  • Email address of the Participant
  • Display Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • # of correct answers
  • # of answered questions
  • # of published questions in the poll
  • Response time (total time in seconds)