Who can use this feature

Site Admins and Channel Admins

Supported features: Videos, Live Events


The Vidflex™ Pay-Per-View (PPV) feature enables you to apply a cost to your content for your viewers to watch after paying the one - time fee. This feature allows you to control the cost and select the videos that apply individually.

PPV allows your viewers to purchase a specific video, defining the content they choose to access and watch. Using a PPV model in conjunction with other Vidflex™ features (such as polling, chat and live comments) encourages engagement from your audience and helps you learn more about their interests.

Other available settings aligned with PPV include:

  • Geolocation rule
  • Selecting a start and end date allowing the purchaser to view the content for an allotted period of time
  • Providing guest/group access.


Once an E-commerce Seller profile has been set up, follow these steps to add a charge to your video.

  1. Go to the library and select the event or video to add the cost
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button to open the video container
  3. Now looking inside the container, on the top menu of the select the ‘Purchase’ tab

Create a Pricing Rule

  1. Click on +Pricing Rule to create a new rule
  2. Toggle state – active or inactive
  3. Is video free? Toggle yes or no
  4. Price – Set a price for the video (amount must be $0.50 or higher)
  5. Choose the following details from the drop down list:
    1. Sellers
    2. Product Category
    3. Payment Gateway
    4. Geolocation Group Access - if applicable - select a group to apply the pricing rule
  6. Hit ‘Save’ to save the pricing rule
  7. Once the details are populated click ‘save’ to save your changes to the video container
  8. You can create unlimited pricing rules for the same container by repeating these steps

    We recommend having no more than a few pricing rules per container.

Edit Pricing Rules

This feature offers the freedom to edit the cost associated with your videos when necessary to best suit your business needs. Customizing the cost gives you the ability to personalize your services and follow your audience's trends.


  1. Select ‘Edit’ on the pricing rule you’d like to update:
  2. Edit one or all of the details below
    1. Toggle state – active or inactive
    2. Is video free? Toggle yes or no
  1. Price - amount must be $0.50 or higher
  2. Edit e-commerce detail
  3. Hit ‘Save’ to save your changes
  4. Once completed with your edits click ‘save’ once more to save your changes to the video container

Days Accessible

Days accessible is an optional setting that applies to all pricing rules for a video container.

If there’s a time limit to access the video, choose the amount of days it’s available to your audience in the ‘Days Accessible’ field. If there is no time limit leave the field blank.

Audiences’ Perspective

Pay-per-view provides insight and a better opportunity to define (and refine) your target audience. Free content is useful, yet those willing to pay for your content see the most value in it and are more likely to invest in your brand. Use pay-per-view as a stepping stone to generate ROI (return on investment) and introduce viewers to other services like subscription and packages.

A few notes regarding the audiences experience

  • Geolocation: If you’re using geolocation rules remember it will define different costs and accessibility with your pricing rules
  • ‘My Accounts’ will show details of the transaction as well as the amount of days the video is accessible (if applicable)

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