Uploading Videos To The Library

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Video Library


A video or video-on-demand (VOD) is simply pre-recorded video content that can be made available on your platform for viewers to watch online.

Video Tutorial

Upload a Video

Follow the steps below to create video containers within the library page to build out your platform. 

  1. In the Library, select the Videos tab on the top left corner 

  2. Click the Upload Video button to the right of the search bar

  3. The Upload Video window automatically opens

    The maximum file size is 20GB. Supported file types for upload include AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, M4V, TS, and WMV.

  4. Choose from one of the following:
    1. Drag-and-drop the video file into the window
    2. Click Select Files to browse and select the desired video file. Click Open to complete
    3. Click Skip to create a video container placeholder and upload the video at a later time

      The video will start uploading in the background while you are completing step 4

  5. Add video details in the Upload Video window. Use the table below to learn what each video detail is for.
  6. If the video is still processing after completing step 4, a progress bar will appear in the Upload Video window to show the progress and approximate upload time.

    Don't close the Upload Video window while the video file is uploading as it will cause the upload process to fail.

Upload Video Modal

Language  If you have the Multi-Language feature enabled, use the buttons to select the preferred language.
Video Title The title of your video, this name will appear on your site. When a video is uploaded the title will auto-populate as per the file name.  If you used the skip feature, enter the title in the text field.
Description This description will appear on the video player page. In the text field, enter the video description. 
Allow Video to be Downloadable Select whether the video is downloadable by approved users on the front end. (icon) Use a check mark to allow the video to be downloaded. (icon) Leave the space blank to prohibit users from downloading.

After Uploading Video

A pop up message will appear after the video has been uploaded successfully. After clicking the button in the top right corner to close the window, the library screen will be in full view.

On the video container thumbnail that you just uploaded, you will see the video file being processed which means that it's being optimized through our encoding service for publishing to your site — this may take a while depending on the file size and quality.

Refresh the library page to check on the status as needed.

Upload Failed

If the video file's status shows as "Upload Failed", that could mean the internet connection from the device got disconnected, or an issue with the video asset itself. Ensure that the video file meets the input requirements for a success upload (see Video Input Requirements and Output Formats) and try uploading the file again. If the upload fails again, then the file may be corrupted. For further assistance, contact Vidflex Support.

*Email the Vidflex Support team by clicking on the Vidflex Support link. 

To close the failed prompt window, click the Close Uploader button at the bottom of the window. 

Video Management Settings

Click on a video management setting link below to learn more about how to configure it for your Video.