Managing Video Files

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Videos, Video Library


Video-On-Demand (VOD) can be explained simply as pre-recorded video content made available on your platform for viewers to watch online. 

Uploaded videos are displayed on the front end of the platform in a video player page where viewers can watch, learn more about your brand and become a part of your community.

Before you begin

Accessing Videos tab

If you're working on an existing video container follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Library under Channel Settings
  2. Viewing the library make sure Videos in the top menu is selected

  3. Locate the video you want to work on in the library
  4. Click on its thumbnail, title or edit button to open it
  5. Viewing inside the container, in the upper video management settings menus, click on the Videos tab

Upload a Video

Follow the steps below to start uploading a video.

The maximum file size is 20GB. Supported file types for upload include AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, M4V, TS, and WMV.

  1. Click the Add Video Asset button    
  2. The Upload Video window automatically opens where you can either
    1. Drag-and-drop the video file into the window, OR
    2. Click Select Files to browse and select the desired video file. Click Open to complete
  3. A progress bar will appear in the Upload Video window to show the progress and approximate upload time

    Don't close the Upload Video window while the video file is uploading as it will cause the upload process to fail

  4. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, a message will appear to confirm

  5. To close the prompt window,  click the × at the top right of the window

  6. You can now navigate away from the Videos tab, if needed

Video Status

Your video file is now being processed in our encoding service, which means it's being readied and optimized for publishing to your site — this may take a while depending on the file size. 

Once complete, the status will change to Success, indicating that the video is ready.

If the video file's status shows as "Failed", that means it can't be used. A message will appear to advise in such circumstances. 

Ensure that the video file meets the input requirements for a successful upload (see Video Input Requirements and Output Formats) and try uploading the file again. If the upload fails again, then the file may be corrupted, for further assistance, contact Vidflex Support.

Previewing a Video File

After you've successfully added a video file, you can preview the video content in the Videos tab.

  1. Click Preview on the asset you'd like to watch
  2. A preview box appears when the player window opens 
  3. To close the window, click the × at the top right of the window

Add Multiple Videos Files

Multiple videos can be added to a container and may be necessary if you don’t want to delete the original video.

  1. Click Add Video Asset 
  2. The Upload Video window automatically opens where you can either:
    1. Drag-and-drop the video file into the window, OR
    2. Click  Select Files to browse and select the desired video file. Click Open to complete.
  3. Once the upload process is complete, the video file will appear in the Video tab below the previously uploaded video/s.

Setting Default Video

The first video file uploaded to the container will automatically be selected as the default. When more than one video file has been uploaded successfully, you can choose which one will be used for playback in the video player page. You can set any available videos video as the default. 

  1. Identify the video file that you want to become the default 
  2. Click Set Default 
  3. The default indicator will now appear on the same line as the selected video 

The video file you've selected will now be the default.

Deleting a Video

You may want to completely delete a video if you no longer want it to appear on your platform.

Deleted videos can't be retrieved.

  1. Click Delete to the right of the video 
  2. A message appears to confirm deletion
  3. Click OK, the selected video file is now deleted. 
  4. To delete additional videos, repeat the steps above.