Attribute Groups

Creating and Assigning Attributes and Attribute Groups

See the topics below to how to create and assign attributes and attribute groups.

Creating Attribute Groups and Attributes

You have to first create attributes and attribute groups before assigning them to content in the Library.

  1. Click Create Attribute Group .
  2. If you have the Multi-Language feature enabled, click the language that you want to use.
  3. Enter a name or the attribute group and click Save.
    The Update Attributes screen appears.
  4. Click + Add to create attributes for the new attribute group that you just created.
  5. Enter a name for the attribute and click Save.

Arranging Attributes

Attribute Groups and Attributes will appear in the list in the order which they were created, but you can change the order if you want to. For example, you may want them to organized alphabetically.

  1. Find the Attribute Group that you want to edit and click Attributes.
  2. Click the Arrange Attributes button.
  3. Drag-and-drop items in the list.
  4. Click Done.

Assigning Attribute Groups and Attributes

After you’ve created attribute groups and attributes, you can now assign them to individual video content in the library. You must edit an existing video in order to assign attribute groups or attributes to it.

  1. In the Library, find the video content that you want and click Edit.
  2. Click the Attributes Attributes tab.
  3. Select the checkboxes as desired, and then click Save.

The selected attribute groups and attributes have been assigned to the video.