Attribute Groups

Introduction to Attribute Groups

An attribute group is a grouping or category of attributes. For example, an attribute group may be “Movies” and each of its attributes may be different genres of movies (e.g., “Horror”, “Action”, “Comedy”, etc.). Assigning an attribute allows you to group and organize content, and it enables viewers to easily find content as they navigate your platform.

You can assign library content to multiple attribute groups and attributes. This enables you to display and filter content based on its characteristics and allows viewers to easily find related content based on their interests.

In a multi-channel platform, attribute groups and attributes are specific to the channel in which they were created.

Accessing the Attribute Groups Screen

You can find the list of attribute groups and create new attribute groups in the Attribute Groups screen.

In the admin panel, click Attribute Groups in the left menu.

The Attribute Groups screen appears.

In this tab, you’ll see pagination buttons at the bottom of the screen after you’ve created more than ten attribute groups.