Introduction to Categories

Categories are simply groupings of video content. You can create your own categories (they can be anything you want) and then assign video content to those categories. Typically, you would assign videos to the same category to indicate that the videos share similarities within the content.

For example, you can create a category called “Surfing”, then assign “Surfing” to any video content that features surfing or anything related. Your viewers can now easily find all the surfing-related videos on your platform.

You create a page that displays all of your surfing videos or feature a video slider containing only those videos. These are just a couple examples of how you can use categories on your platform. The Categories feature is easy to use and keeps your content organized in the way that you want.

Let’s start by creating some categories.

Accessing the Categories Screen

In the Categories screen, you can see a list of all the categories that you’ve created. From this screen, you can create new categories or make changes to existing categories.

Click Categories in the left menu.

In this tab, you’ll see pagination buttons at the bottom of the screen after you’ve created more than ten categories.

If you’ve created several categories in a channel, there are a few ways to navigate and organize items in the Categories screen.


Sorting Categories

In the Order column, you can assign numbers to sort categories in numerical order. This allows you to manually organize the list of categories.

  1. Find the categories that you want and click Empty (under the Order column).
  2. Enter the order number and click .

The category will be sorted according to the changes you’ve made.