Renaming or Deleting Categories

See the topics below to learn how to rename or delete a category.

Renaming a Category

You can rename a category at any time. Renaming the category will not affect items that have been assigned to it. For example, if a category has been assigned to a dynamic video slider, it will remain as such even after it has been renamed.

  1. In the Categories screen, find the the category that you want to rename and click Edit.
  2. Enter a new name in the text field and click Save.

Your changes have been saved and you return to the Categories tab.

Deleting a Category

Before you delete a category, it’s recommended that you first make a note of anything that has been assigned to the category.

Deleting a category may affect the pages and library content which are associated with that catgeory. It’s recommended to reassign library content and/or update any page widgets which may be displaying videos from the catgory that you want to delete.
  1. In the Categories screen, find the category that you want to delete, click Delete.

    A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click OK.

The category has been deleted.