Community Upload

Community Upload


The Community Upload feature allows for any end-user who has been registered to upload one of their own videos to your platform from the front end of your site, which then has to get approved by the Site Admin or Channel Admin. Once approved and published the video is managed like any other video would be on your platform.

To watch video tutorial supporting this document: Community Upload

Back-End Overview

Let’s start by logging into your portal, 

Locate the “Community Upload” feature on the right-hand side of the back-end page under Channel Settings.     


Once inside Community Upload, you will see different submenu options: User Access, Groups Access, Notifications List, View Pending Videos.

User Access

If the requirement is to add one user or more, this option can be used. 

    1. Start typing in the user’s account email address in the ‘Enter email address’ field
    2. Select their email when it pops up and then click on Add User
    3. Once the user has been added you will be able to see the user’s Email address, Date Approved, and an option to Remove the user from the list.

Group Access:

If the requirement is to add a group of users to be able to contribute to your library then use Group Access. To allow a group of users a group has to be created first.

To create a user group select ‘User Groups’ option under Channel Settings, then click on ‘Create User Group’ to start creating your group of users, ensure the group is enabled.

Once the group has been created remember the name.

    1. Go-to Community Upload > Group Access option and type the name in the group name under the “Add Approved Group” field
    2. Once the group name has been entered and selected click on ‘Add Group
    3. The group will be added and you will be able to see the Name, Date Approved, and an option to Remove the group from the list.

Notification List:

In the Notification list option, you will be able to assign specific users (Admins) by entering their email address into the required field and then clicking Add User. They receive a notification as soon as an approved end-user uploads a video to the platform so that it can get approved and managed like any other video.

View Pending Videos:

This option is to review the videos that have been uploaded by the users on the platform.

As soon as you click on the ‘View Pending Videos’ it will redirect you to a library page showing the list or a video pending to be approved. Click on the ‘Edit/Pen’ icon to select the video.

Just like in any other VOD container you have in the library when clicked on Edit, you will get the VOD container management page. 

In this VOD container, you will be able to change the ‘Title’ as by default the title name would be the user’s name who uploaded the video, you can also change the description which will be of the user who provided the video. Different attributes and categories can be assigned as well.

Once all set up and changed, you can publish the video by changing the state of the video from ‘Needs Approval’ to ‘Published’. 

Do not forget to click ‘Save’.



Front-End Overview

Users need to click on the profile drop-down icon located at the top right-hand side of the page beside the search option to see the Upload Videos option.

Users or a group of users have to be logged in and added to the community upload feature before uploading any content.



When selected, the user is directed to a new page and is required to:

    1. Select the Channel
    2. Enter a Description about the video
    3. Select File to upload a video
    4. Click on Upload Video

File Uploaded

After the video is uploaded by the user they are given the option to either UPLOAD ANOTHER VIDEO to repeat the process or to click the DONE button.


The user receives notification of submission and pending approval from the administrator before being posted on the platform.

At this point, the users who have been assigned to the Notification List will get a notification with a link for quick access to the video of a video that has been uploaded and they can start reviewing the video and choose to publish or reject the video according to their criteria.


User who uploaded the video does not receive any notification of the decision made by the administrator.