FAQ and Troubleshooting

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Got questions or need a little help? In this section, you’ll find trending FAQ and Troubleshooting articles.


General Questions

  • What kind of things can I do with Vidflex?

    Vidflex is a ready-to-use video platform that’s chock-full of features which allow you to manage, share, and sell your online video content with a global audience. To see a full list of features, go to Plans and Features or visit the Vidflex website.
  • What are your plans and pricing?

    We have a few different offerings of Vidflex. To see the different plans and their included features, see Plans and Features.

    What are the system requirements for using Vidflex?

    A supported device and an internet connection are required to access and manage your platform. See below for a list of supported browsers and devices:

    For optimal performance, we recommend Google Chrome.


    Platform / Application Version / Operating System
    Windows – Google Chrome Version 38 or newer
    Windows – Mozilla Firefox Version 36 or newer
    Windows – Microsoft Edge Version 38 or newer
    Windows – Internet Explorer Version 11 on Windows 10 operating system
    Android Version 4.4 or newer
    Mac – Safari Version 8.2.5 or newer
    iPhone 5 and later iOS9 or newer
    iPad 2 and later iOS9 or newer


Account & Billing

  • Why is my Vidflex site unavailable?

    In most cases, if your site is displaying a “Site unavailable” message, you can still sign in to your Vidflex Account Manager to find out why and reconcile any issues with your account.

    Your Vidflex site may be unavailable for one of these reasons:

    1. Your site is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Typically, this only takes a few minutes. For details, check your inbox for an email from Vidflex Support. Your site should be up and running again very soon.
    2. You’ve deactivated your site. If you’ve changed your mind and want to reactivate your site, sign in to the Account Manager.
    3. Your account has been suspended due to a missed payment. This may be unintentional and due to credit card expiry or billing error. You can sign in to the Account Manager to reconcile any unpaid invoices.
    4. Your account has been blocked due to a Terms of Use violation.

    In general, Vidflex Support will contact you first before we suspend, deactivate, or block your site. Notifications are sent to the email address that you used to sign up for Vidflex.

  • How can I update the credit card on my account?

    From your admin panel, go to Account & Billing. Click Payment Details, then click Edit Card Information.
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Content Management

  • Where does my platform’s analytics data come from?

    Your platform has built-in analytics tracking which allows you to see how your audience is using your site. Alternatively, if you have the Broadcaster or Enterprise plan, you can set up Google Analytics (GA) for your site.


Content Display

  • How do I configure a page?

    Your published content appears across the pages of your site. We provide pre-built page templates and each template is comprised of widgets. Each widget provides a unique way to display content for your viewers. You have the ability to configure the widgets to customize your content display. To configure a page, see the Configuring Page Templates topic.
  • Can I create a customized page?

    To create a page, you can use an existing page template. See the Configuring Page Templates topic. If you want to display content that’s not currently supported by our page templates, contact Worldplay Support.
  • How can I display a video slider on a page?

    A video slider is one of the commonly used widgets for displaying video content on a page. For instructions on how to display a video slider on a page, go to the Video Sliders topic.

  • I’ve embedded a video to another site, but the autoplay with sound isn’t working

    When you create an embed code for a video, you can select autoplay with sound on. However, most internet browsers don’t support this feature as per their own policies regarding visual and audio media. There is a general consensus that autoplay with audio on can be highly distracting and may not be what an audience would want. The audience has the option to turn the sound on if they want to.
  • Should I display a Contact Us page?

    It’s not mandatory, but if you want to give your viewers a way to ask you questions and provide feedback on your site, then you can configure and publish your Contact Us page.
  • SHould I display a Terms of Use page?

    It’s not mandatory, but if you want your viewers to be able to read the legal terms of use information of your site, then you can configure and publish your Terms of Use page.


  • can I charge viewers to watch my videos?

    Absolutely! Once you have created your original content or decided to share an exciting event with the world, we provide customizable monetization solutions to help you profit from your videos. More so, Vidflex ensures that you keep 100% of your earnings—after all, you are the owner.


    Vidflex understands the importance of reaching the largest audience possible, which sometimes means having to remove financial barriers. Whether you’re promoting a not-for-profit organization, or you simply want to ensure your content or event is accessible to everyone, it’s entirely your decision whether or not to charge viewers.


    Vidflex provides diverse options for its members to earn revenue from their videos—each of which offers optimal value depending on your unique business goals.

    • Banner Ad: Embed a company’s advertisement on your web page.
    • Pre-Roll Ad: Allow advertisers to place one of their ads at the beginning of your video for a pre-determined amount of time.
    • Pay-per-view (PPV): Charge your viewers each time they view one of your videos, thereby allowing them to view the content for an allotted period before having to purchase it again.
    • Subscription or Membership: Give your loyal viewers the economic option of paying a flat fee for access to all of your content.

    You have the freedom to choose whichever form of monetization best suits your business needs. This customized earnings model gives you the ability to personalize your services rather than having to fit into a one size fits all type of payment structure.


    Vidflex supports Stripe as its sole, trusted payment processing platform to securely deposit funds from viewers.

    To register for Stripe’s easy-to-use payment services, head to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register.

Video Upload

  • I’ve uploaded a video. How long does it take for the video to process?

    After you’ve successfully uploaded a video file, it’ll begin processing which means that the file is being prepared for publishing to your site. The time that it takes for a video file to process depends on a number of factors such as the file size of the video.

    Here are examples of two different file sizes and their approximate processing times:
    100MB — 10 minutes
    2GB — 30 minutes
    (Note that these are rough estimates as processing times can vary.)

    To know if your video file has finished processing, go to your Library screen to view the status of the video. If you’re already in the Library screen, but haven’t refreshed the screen for a while, click the Update Status button.

    If your video is still processing, the status will display as NOT READY. When your video is ready for use on your site, its status will update to READY.

  • Can I upload more than one video at a time?

    You can only upload one video file at a time. After you’ve successfully uploaded a video file, it’ll begin processing, which means that the file is being prepared for publishing to your site. While the file is processing, you can start uploading another video file.

    For more information, go to Working with Videos.

  • My video upload has failed. How can I resolve this?

    Your video upload may have failed for one or more of the following reasons:

    A You attempted to upload a file type that’s not supported. Please see the Video Input Requirements topic and ensure you’re uploading a file type that meets the requirements.


    B The video file is corrupted. Double-check the file that you’re trying to upload. Ensure that there aren’t any issues with the file.


    C The upload process was interrupted for one or more of the following reasons:

    • During a video file upload, if you closed the upload window before the upload process has completed, this would cause the upload to fail. See the Adding a Video File topic for more information.
    • If your computer went into sleep mode during a video file upload, thus the upload couldn’t be completed. If you want to step away from your computer for a period of time while a video file is uploading, ensure that your computer’s sleep mode is disabled.
    • If there was an interruption in your internet connection during the upload, this would cause your video file upload to fail. Check your internet connection and try to upload the video file again.