Embedding a Video

If you want to display your platform’s video(s) on an external website, you can do so by simply copying and pasting the video’s embed code into your website’s HTML editor. Your videos are still managed via the admin panel of your platform.

Once embedded, the video will be made available for viewing in a video player on a webpage of your website.

Ensure you’ve selected all the desired embed code options first before copying the embed code. The code is updated each time you make a change in the Embed screen (shown below). In addition, if you post a video to an external webpage and you make changes to the video (in your platform’s admin panel) afterwards, you must recopy the embed code to the webpage again in order for the changes to take effect.
  1. In the video management screen, click the Embed tab.
    The Embed screen appears.
  2. Do one of the following to configure the player size:
    • Select Responsive if you want the size of the video player to adapt to different window and screen sizes.
      Selecting this option is recommended if the external website is intended to be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • OR
    • Select Fixed Size if you want the player to display in a specific size. Enter the desired size of the video player.
  3. Select Enable auto-play if you want the video to play automatically when the webpage opens.
    • If you selected this option, then see the following:
      • Start muted is selected by default. That means the video will automatically start with the audio muted, but viewers can turn on the sound when/if they want to.
      • OR
      • You can select Start with sound if you want the video to automatically play with the sound on.
        ‘Start with sound’ might not work on most internet browsers. For more information, see the FAQs page.
  4. Select Enable Play Button overlay if you want a play button to be displayed in the video player.
  5. Select Override GA ID if you have your own Google Analytics ID that you want to use for tracking the VOD’s analytics data. Enter the ID into the text field.
  6. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste the embed code to the HTML editor of your webpage.