Introduction to the Library

The Library is one of the most important parts of your platform. This is where all of your video content is stored and managed. In the Library, you can upload videos and control how they will be presented to your viewers.

Depending on which plan you’ve subscribed to, your platform supports three types of video content:

Each video is added to the Library as a library item. After you’ve set up a library item the way you want, you’re then ready to publish it on your platform for viewers to watch. Viewers can find the video through your platform’s pages (see the Pages topics for more information).

Accessing the Library

To begin adding video content, first access the Library screen from the admin panel.

Click Library in the left menu.

The Library screen appears, displaying a list of all library items.

The first time you see this screen, you’ll see “My First Video”. You can add a video file to “My First Video” or start uploading a new video.

To learn more about the Library screen, see the next topic.

Using the Library Screen

You can access your library items in the Library screen. This screen also displays other information relevant to your library items. See the image and the table below to learn about the interface elements on this screen.

  • Create Item

    Click to add a library item. To learn more about adding video content, see the Working the Videos topic.
  • Update Status

    Click to refresh the status of library items. Use this feature if you’ve been on this screen for a period of time and want to see if the status of an item has changed. The status for each item is shown in the Status column I which indicates if the item is Not Ready or Ready.

    This is not applicable to Video Series library items.
  • Filter by Type

    Filter library items based on content type (i.e., videos, video series, or live videos).

    This filter will only display the video content types supported by your plan.
  • Enter the name of the item that you want to search for and press Enter.
  • Filter by State

    Click to filter library items by its publish state – the three states are: Published, Unpublished, or Needs Approval. If you’ve selected a filter but now want to see all library items, select ‘blank’ (the first option) in the drop-down. See also State J, below.
  • Type

    This column displays the content type of each library item.
  • Name

    This column displays the name of each library item.
  • Order

    This shows the numerical order in which library items appear in the library. By default, library items don’t have an order number and will be sorted from newest to oldest, based on when you added the item to the library. You can manually set the order of library items by clicking its order field. Library items will appear in ascending order, followed by library items that don’t have a number assigned to them.
  • Status

    This column shows the status of library items. This allows you to see if an item is ready to be published.

    For videos:

    • The Ready label indicates that a video file has been uploaded and encoded successfully.
    • The Not Ready label indicates that you haven’t uploaded a video file to the video or you’ve uploaded a video file and it’s in the process of encoding. Click the Update Status button to see if the state changes to Ready.

    For Live Events:

    • The Ready label indicates that the live video is ready for streaming.
    • The Not Ready label indicates that the live video is not ready for streaming or that the event hasn’t been fully set up.
  • State

    Indicates whether or not the library item is published or awaiting moderation.

    • Published – the content is published.
    • Unpublished – the content is not published.
    • Needs Approval – the content awaiting moderation by an admin.
  • Publish/Unpublish

    Click to publish/unpublish the library item. For more information about publishing/unpublishing videos, go to Publishing/Unpublishing a Video.
  • Edit

    Click to edit the library item. For information about editing videos, see Editing a Video.
  • Delete

    Click to delete the library item.  For information about deleting videos, go to Deleting a Video.

Filtering Videos by Language

In the Library screen, select a language in the Language filter to find only the videos that are available in the selected language.

Using the Video Management Screen

Each time you add a piece of video content, it appears as an item in the Library.

To make changes to the item, find the item that you want to edit in the Library and click its Edit button.

The video management screen opens, displaying several tabs. Each tab allows you to configure different elements of the item; the changes that you make in these tabs will determine how the item will be displayed on the front end.

Access to some tabs will depend on the item that you’re editing and also the features supported by your platform subscription plan.