Setting the Cover Image

The cover image is a static image A that displays on the video player when the video isn’t being played.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can immediately get your viewers’ attention by adding a compelling cover image for your videos. You can even add more than one cover image for each video and then select which one you want to display, if you change your mind.

Your platform also has a built-in snapshot feature that allows you to grab a screenshot from a video and use that as the cover image. If you want all of your videos to automatically display the same cover image each time you add a new video, you can do that too — see Setting the Default Cover Image to learn how.

Here’s an example to show you how the cover image is displayed on a page of your platform:

Adding a Cover Image

You can upload more than one cover image for a video. If you’ve added more than one cover image, only one of them will be displayed in the video player page and you can easily switch between which one you want to display.

  • Supported file types include PNG, JPG, and JPEG
  • The recommended image size is 1280 × 720
  • The maximum image file size is 30 MB
  1. In the video management screen, click the Cover Images tab.
  2. Click Upload Image.
  3. In the window that opens, browse to and select the image file, then click Open.

A progress bar appears and then disappears when the image has been successfully uploaded. If you want to add more than one cover image, repeat the steps above and also see the Working with Multiple Cover Images topic.

Using Snapshot from Video

Use the ‘Snapshot from Video’ feature to capture a still image from a video and use it as the cover image.

You can only use this feature if you’ve successfully uploaded a video file. For more information, see Managing Video Files.
  1. In the video management screen, click the Cover Images tab.
  2. Click Snapshot from Video.
    The Capture Thumbnail from Video window appears.
  3. Scrub through the video and click Pause at the frame that you want to capture.
  4. Click Capture.
  5. Click Save.

The image will appear in the Cover Images screen and automatically be set as the primary cover image that will be displayed.

Using an Automatically-Generated Cover Image

When you upload a video file, a random screenshot is automatically captured from the video and then used as the cover image.

This feature will only work given the following conditions:

  • If you haven’t set a Default Cover Image.
  • If you’re in the Videos tab as the video file is encoding, refresh the screen to see the updated status. If it’s in “Success” state, then a random cover image has been generated.
  • If you’ve navigated away from the Videos tab and the video file has been uploaded successfully, then return to the Videos tab. This will prompt a random cover image to generate.

You can see this image in the Cover Images tab.

Working with Multiple Cover Images

You can add more than on cover image and set one of them as the primary image to be displayed on the video player page.

In the Cover Images tab, find the desired image and click Set Default.