Live Stream FAQ

Live Stream FAQ

Got questions or need a little help? In this section, you’ll find trending Live Stream FAQ and Troubleshooting articles.


  • View the Stream tab inside a Live Event container > Event > Stream

  • Contact Vidflex Support and ask them to add a live stream to your platform.

  • Where do I find the encoder settings?

    The encoder settings are found in the Live Event container configuration window. Locate your container in the admin backend, click Edit > Event > Stream.

    Note: The Date & Time need to be set first, and then link the live stream in the Stream tab before the Encoder settings will appear in the Stream tab.

  • Which stream key format do I use?

    Most encoders will use the Single-Bitrate format, try that first and if it doesn’t work try the Multi-Bitrate format. If you that still does not fix the problem contact Vidflex Support

  • What is multi-bitrate? How do I set that up? How do I tell if my encoder supports that?

    Multi-Bitrate, also is known as Adaptive Bitrate, allows a device to playback the best quality stream that it can handle.

    In the encoder, the operator would have to configure more than 1 bitrate in the output settings.

    For help on how to set this up please contact Vidflex Support.

  • What is the Date and Time used for?

    These parameters are used to set what the viewer will see in the front-end player. These parameters can be changed at any time, even while the live stream is running. 


    Important: Make sure the live stream is running before the live event start time begins. Not having any content streaming by that time will result in a decode error after the live stream transitions into a video on demand. The easiest way to fix that is to adjust the live event start time forward to when the live stream actually began.

  • How do I delete my test stream?

    In the Live Event backend configuration screen > Event > Preview – look under the player > Advanced > Remove recording

  • Where can I verify that the stream is going to my live event?

    You can verify the live stream in the live event containers Preview page.

    Locate your live event in the backend library, click on Event > Preview, click the play button on the player. There is a 45 second to 1 minute delay from the time the stream starts from the enoder until it reaches the live event container. When you first hit the players play button you may see a black screen with a message “The live event will start momentarily…”, the player will refresh every few seconds so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page.

    If you don’t see the live stream after 2 minutes, check that you have entered the encoder settings for the live event correctly. You can verify the encoder settings on the Event > Stream page. If problems still persist, contact Vidflex Support.

  • Is the Preview player different from what the viewer sees?

    The Preview player will show you everything that has been streamed to the container. The front-end player only shows your audience content in between the set Live Event Start and End times, in the Date & Time tab.

    The Preview player is also used to verify your stream before the Live Start time, and also for any test streams you do.

    Do not change the Live Event Start time just to view a test stream. This can all be verified in the Preview player.

  • When should I start my live stream?

    At a minimum start your stream 10-15 minutes before the set Live Event Start time. If you need to push back the start time, make sure you also adjust the Live Event Start time in the Date & Time tab. Neglecting to do this may cause a Decode Error to show when the stream transitions from live to video on demand.

    Important: Make sure the live stream is running before the live event start time begins. Not having any content streaming by that time will result in a decode error after the live stream transitions into a video on demand. The easiest way to fix that is to adjust the live event start time forward to when the live stream actually began.

  • Where can I find all the steps for the person operating the camera and encoder onsite to look at?

    Please review our Live Event Operator’s guide on our help center.


  • What is the best practice if something happens during the live stream and it goes down?

    Don’t panic. This could mean many things. 

    • The first thing to do is check if your network went down. Open up a new internet browser and try to go to any website. If it still loads then you know its not network related.
    • If you have the internet, run a speed test at It’s possible that the network had an outage or that it dropped momentarily below what the encoder needed to send the stream. 
    • By the time you verify the speed test things may appear normal. In that case, simply start the stream again from your encoder and wait the 45 seconds to 1 minute delay until you see it load on the video page. 
    • After you think enough time has passed for the delay, refresh the video page. Keep refreshing until you see the live stream again and the red live tag inside the video player controls.
    • Sometimes encoders will throw errors, in which case a simple reboot of the encoder application may be all that is needed. Classic restart. 
    • If none of these are working, contact Vidflex Support.
  • I keep getting errors in my encoder when I start the stream, what do I do?

    Review if your encoder provides any error messages. In most cases the problem is how the encoder settings have been entered into the encoder.

    Verify in the Stream page where you originally got the encoder settings match what you’ve entered into the encoder. There is a nifty copy clipboard button beside each encode setting on the Stream page for you to use.

    Note: The encoder settings change for each live event container so you must change them out for each new live event.

  • My stream keeps buffering and is glitchy, how do I fix it?

    This is a common case of insufficient bandwidth that the encoder needs. Run a speed test at and verify that you have sufficient upload speed needed for the configured bitrate in your encoder.

    Refer to the Live Video Recommended Encoder Settings on for more information on this. Note, always run a speedtest on the same day and well before the live event begins so that you know which settings to use when setting up your encoder.

  • My stream has lines across the player, what does that mean? How do I fix it?

    This is a sign that your encoder is not interlacing the stream. If you’ve spotted this before the live stream has started and have time to fix it, stop your stream. Go into the your encoder settings and find where the interlace setting is, make sure it’s enabled.

    Contact Vidflex Support for help locating this setting in your encoder.

  • My stream looks grady, and is tracing the outline of objects, what does that mean?

    This could be related to a misconfigured keyframe interval. Most encoders have an option in their output settings to configure this. Look for this setting and if you find it, set the Keyframe Interval to 2 seconds. Some encoders say Keyframe Interval in frames instead of seconds, in this case enter or choose 60 frames. 


    Note: The keyframe interval goes hand in hand with the configured FPS (frames per second). Our recommendation above is assuming your FPS is set to 29.97 or 30.

  • To unlink a stream go to the Event > Stream page, there is an ‘Unlink’ button in the bottom right corner. 

    Important: Unlinking a stream permanently deletes any existing archived stream. You cannot undo this. You will be prompted with a warning before the unlinking happens.

  • I deleted my stream, can you get it back?

    The short answer is NO.

    Please read the warning prompt before deleting the stream. This delete option is meant to only delete unwanted test streams before the real live event.

  • The download creation keeps failing, what do I do?

    There could be a number of reasons for this. The first thing to check is whether there was anything streaming when the Live Event Start time began. If there wasn’t any content streaming at that time, simply move the Live Event Start time forward to the spot you think the stream actually started. Then retry creating the download.

    If the problem still persists, contact Vidflex Support.

  • I can’t see my camera feed inside the encoder, how do I fix it?

    • Check that the camera lens cap has been removed
    • Check that you’ve correctly added the input inside the encoder application