Enabling and Previewing Menu Items

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See the topics below to learn how to publish changes to menu items and preview the menu before you publish it on your platform.

Enabling or Disabling a Menu Item

After you’ve created a new menu item, it’s disabled by default. You can enable it to make it visible on your platform.

  1. To enable/disable a menu item, click its Edit button.
  2. Click Enable or Disable.

  3. Click the × (upper right corner) to close the Menu Item editor.

Previewing Menu Items

After you’ve created and enabled menu items in the Menu Builder, you can see your changes reflected in the front end of your platform.

  1. In the admin panel, right-click the Go To My Site button and select Open link in new tab or Open link in new window.
  2. Click Reload or Refresh on your internet browser after making a change in the Menu Builder.