Introduction to the Menu Builder

The Menu Builder feature allows you to create links on the Header A and Footer B of your platform. The links on the header can be grouped into menus to allow viewers to easily browse the platform’s pages.

Only site admins can access the Menu Builder.

The header typically contains links to pages on your platform or a few drop-down menus containing links to pages. This allows viewers to easily navigate your platform. You can also include links to external sites in the menus.

For the footer, we recommend adding a few links to pages such as the Contact Us and Terms of Use pages. You could also add links to external sites such as your company’s social media accounts. See the next topic to learn more about the footer.

There are two types of Footers on your Vidflex platform:

  1. Link Groups Footer — Create groups of links to pages within your Vidflex site or to external URLs such as your company’s website or social media pages.
  2. Horizontal Footer — Add quick links to pages within your Vidflex site or to external URLs.

Overview of Menus and Menu Items

This topic provides an overview of how you can create menus and menu items to make your platform easy to navigate. The Menu Builder allows you to customize menus and menu items for the header and footer.

There are three types of menu items that you can add to the header or footer of your video platform:


A Group is a drop-down menu that appears on the header. A Group may contain links to pages or URLs.


A Page menu item acts as a quick link to a specific page of the platform. The Page menu item can exist on the header A on its own or under a Group B.

You can also add a Page menu item to the Link Groups Footer C or Horizontal Footer D.


An internal or external link. The URL menu item can exist on the header on its own or under a Group. You can also add a URL menu item to the Link Groups Footer or Horizontal Footer.

Opening the Menu Builder

You can access the Menu Builder in the admin panel.

Click Menu in the left menu (under Global Settings).

The Menu Builder appears.

This topic provides general information about using the Menu Builder in the admin panel.

Adding Multi-Language Menus

If you have the Multi-Language feature, viewers can switch between different languages on your platform. You can set up separate menus for each language that has been added to your Vidflex video site. For example, if a viewer were to view your site in French, they can use the menu to access only the pages that are available in French.

In the Menu Builder, you can toggle between the Header, Footer (Link Groups) and Footer (Horizontal) to add, edit, or delete menu items.

Identifying Menu Items

The Menu Builder displays all the menu items that you’ve created. Each menu item is labelled on the right side so that you can quickly identify whether it’s a group, page, or URL.

See the next topic to learn how to organize menu items.

Organizing Menu Items

There’s a “move” cursor  on the left of each menu item. You can easily use the “move” cursor to grab-and-drag to move menu items around. Here are some general rules about moving menu items:

  • When you first create a group (see Adding a Menu Item), there are no menu items under it. You can grab-and-drag menu items into the group.
  • When you move a group, all menu items in the group will move with it.
  • You can’t embed a group within another group.
  • A page or URL menu item can be moved from one group to another.