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Integration with Google Ad Manager

To integrate your Vidflex Advertising with your Google Ad Manager account, see the article below.

You have to set up the following in your Google Ad Manager account before you can create the Google Publisher video tag that you’ll need to integrate with your Vidflex site.

  1. Create an ad unit.
  2. Add a House Advertiser.
  3. Add a Creative.
  4. Create an Order.
  5. Add a Line Item.
  6. Approve an Order.
  7. Activate a Line Item.
  8. Copy the video tag.

Creating an Ad Unit

Follow these instructions.

Adding a House Advertiser

  1. Follow these instructions.
  2. When you add a new company, select House Advertiser.

Adding a Creative

To learn about creatives, see this article.

To add new creatives, follow these instructions.

Creating an Order

Follow these instructions.

Adding a Line Item

Follow these instructions.

Approving an Order

Follow these instructions.

Activating a Line Item

Follow these instructions.

Copying the Google Publisher Video Tag

  1. Click on the ad unit that you want to add to your Vidflex site.
  2. In the Tags tab, select Google Publisher Tag for Video as the tag type.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Click the Live traffic toggle to enable it.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter the settings that you want in the Additional tag parameters tab. (To learn more about video tag parameters, see this article.)
  7. Click Continue.
  8. In the Tag results tab, you’ll see the generated video tag. Click Copy tag.
  9. Paste the tag into your