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User List Import File Example

In the User Management feature, you can easily add multiple users to your Vidflex site in just a few clicks.

For example, you might have a list of customer information stored in your marketing automation application and you can export this list as a ‘.csv’ file. The exported file should include the following about the user:

  • email address (required)
  • first name (optional)
  • last name (optional)
  • display name (optional)
  • company name (optional)
  • password (optional)
  • isverified (optional) (y/n/blank)  States the user is verified
  • sendemail (optional) (y/n/blank) Send an email to the user once imported

If firstname/lastname/password column exists, it will update the existing user with the new information. If field is blank, it will leave existing info in the database for that row.

If the display name column is included, it will check if the display name is unique. If the display name is not unique or is blank, a unique display name will be auto generated when importing the user.

If the display name column is not included, a unique display name will be auto generated.

You can then upload the ‘.csv’ file to your Vidflex site which allows you to manage your users and control their access to your site’s content.

Here’s an example of what the ‘.csv’ file might look like:

Vidflex Import File Example

Ensure you include the following headings in the first eight columns:

email firstname lastname displayname company password isverified sendemail

You can include a maximum of 500 users in a single ‘.csv’ file. If the file exceeds 500 users, you will receive an error message and the file will not import successfully.