Creating or Deleting a Page

Creating a Page

When you first create a page, it’s disabled by default. That means the page is not viewable on your video platform until you enable it. You may want to leave the page as disabled and then enable it after you’ve previewed your changes.

Here are some general rules about page creation:

  • If you have the Multi-Channel feature with your Vidflex subscription plan, you can’t move pages from one channel to another channel. When you create a page within a channel, the page belongs to that channel.
  • A page created under a parent page can’t be moved to another parent page.
  • A page created under a parent page can’t be converted to a parent page.
  1. In the Pages screen, click Create Page.
  2. If you have the Multi-Language feature, then click the language that you want to edit.
  3. Enter a name for the new page. (The name appears on the page and on the browser tab of the page.)
  4. By default, the page’s state is set to Disabled. You can publish the page now or return to this screen later to publish the page (after you’ve configured all elements of the page as desired). To publish the page, select Enabled from the State drop-down.
  5. In the Parent drop-down, select the parent page under which the new page will be saved.
    Ensure you’ve selected the desired parent page. After you’ve saved the new page, you can’t move it to another parent page.
  6. Select a template in the Template drop-down. (See Page Templates for more information.)
    Ensure you’ve selected the desired page template. After you’ve saved the new page, you can’t change its page template.

  7. Click Save.

You can add more languages to a page after it has been created. See the next topic, Adding Languages to a Page.

To configure your new page, see the Configuring Page Templates topic.

If you’ve created a page using the incorrect page template, you can delete the page and then create a new page using the page template that you want.

Adding Languages to a Page

This topic only applies to the Multi-Language feature on the Enterprise Plan.

To add content in different languages to a page, follow the steps below.

  1. In the Pages screen, find the page that you want and click Edit.

    You’re now in the Widgets tab of the Page edit screen.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Click the language that you want to add or edit.
  4. Add a title and click Save.
  5. If you want to edit the content in the widgets, click the Widgets tab.

For instructions on how widget configuration options, see the Widgets topics.

Deleting a Page

Depending on your admin permissions and the pages that you have access to, certain pages and subpages can be deleted. Before you delete a page, it’s recommended that you first understand the repercussions of deleting a page from your platform.

  • After you delete a page, the page can’t be restored. If there are any links on your portal that connect to the deleted page, the links will no longer work.
  • Prior to deleting a page, make a note of the page’s location on your portal and if there are any links on your portal that connect to that page. You may want to update or remove those links first in order to avoid having broken links on your portal.
  1. Choose the page’s Edit drop-down and then choose Delete.
  2. Click OK in the confirmation message that appears.