Introduction to Pages

Your published content appears across the pages of your platform.

Use our page templates to set up your platform’s webpages. See the topics below to learn how our templates make it easy to organize and beautifully display content across your platform.

Page Templates

Each page includes a header and a footer, regardless of the page template that you’ve chosen for the page. When creating a page, there are several page templates that you can choose from.

The template that you choose will determine which elements (known as widgets) can be customized on the page.

Typically, the header displays your company logo, customizable menus, date/time display, a search feature, the login (or profile) button, and a Help button. See the image and table below for an example of how the page header may appear on your platform.

  • Displayed at the top of every page.
  • Your company logo will be displayed here.
  • (Not available in Starter plan.) Create menus to link to other pages and content.
  • Search feature

    Use the search to find videos.
  • Login or Profile icon

    Click the profile icon to login to your platform.
  • Help button

    Click to display general troubleshooting tips.

Typically, the footer contains links to the Terms of Use page and the Contact Us page. See the image and table below for an example of how the page footer may appear on your platform.

Accessing the Pages Screen

Go to the Pages screen to create, edit, or delete a page. In the Pages tab Pages, pages are organized in a hierarchical format with a homepage and sub-pages.

Click Pages in the left menu.

The Pages screen opens displaying a list of all your pages. When multiple pages are present, they’ll be organized in a hierarchy consisting of a homepage a and subpages B.

Viewing the Pages Screen with Multi-Language Feature

If you have the Multi-Language feature enabled, you can configure your pages to make them available in one or multiple languages.

Language Tags

In the Pages screen, you’ll see language tags A displayed to indicate which language(s) each page is available in.

Filtering Pages by Language

In the Pages screen, select a language in the Language filter to see only the videos that are available in the selected language.

Enabling or Disabling Pages

You can quickly publish or unpublish the pages of your site with just one click. Visitors of your site will only see the published pages of your site.

  • Click Enable to publish a page.
  • OR
  • Click Disable to unpublish a page.