Video Library Sub-Page

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The Video Library Sub-Page template displays the following:

  • A Banner
  • B Ads Carousel
  • C Attribute Group(s)
  • D Attribute(s)
  • E Video Library
  • F Search bar
  • G Sort drop-down
  • H List View and Grid View buttons

Since each page belongs in a channel, when you create a page using the Video Library Sub-Page template, all the videos in the associated channel’s library will appear on the page.

When you create a Video Library Sub-Page, choose a Featured Videos Sub-Page as its parent page (see the image below).

Otherwise, you can define which videos in the library appear on this page by selecting Attribute Groups and Attributes. Videos that are assigned to the selected Attribute Groups and Attributes will appear on the page.

In addition, the page layout automatically generates the following:

  • A Search Bar (which allows the viewer to search within the video library)
  • Sort options to organize the content by newest first or by alphabetical order
  • Two buttons to toggle between list view or grid view
  • If Attribute Groups and Attributes have been selected, then the filters will appear on the left side of the page.