System Pages

System Pages

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The System pages are core to the Vidflex system which allow you to customize and set global defaults to be enabled or disabled for VOD, VOD Series, and Live Event video player pages, these include:

      • Supplemental Description
      • Social Sharing buttons
      • Live Comments (visible only if you have purchased this add-on)

You can turn off any of these default settings per individual container by visiting its General tab and clicking the default toggle button.

To find System Pages on your platform, once logged into the back end look under:

Channel settings:

      • Pages
      • System pages


View of System Pages main menu


View of VOD Player Page editor

All the changes made through these options will appear under the video player page description area, left-hand side of the player.

Supplemental Description

This feature allows you to add a default customized message for the video player’s page. Information can be in a Text or HTML Code format. Links and buttons can be added to re-direct viewers to supporting pages including Payments or Donations through the HTML code option.

Social Sharing

This feature allows you to toggle on/off the social sharing buttons on all your video player pages. When turned on it provides a sharing option on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

When social sharing is active, all of the video player pages will show the social share buttons under the video player page description area.

If you want to Turn OFF the social sharing option for an individual container go to:

View the Library

      • Edit your video container
      • Click on Social Sharing Tab
      • View the Social Sharing Settings
      • View the Override default settings and Toggle OFF.

Click SAVE.

Live Comments

To gain access to the live comments feature for the video player’s page, you have to be subscribed to the GraphComment feature.


Toggling the default for this feature from the system page enables live commenting for all the video player’s pages. 

If you want to Turn OFF live commenting for an individual container go to:

View the library

      • Edit your video container
      • View the General tab
      • View the Live Comment Settings
      • View Override default settings -> Toggle OFF.

Click SAVE.