Ads Carousel

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The Ads Carousel widget provides a space for you to showcase an ad or multiple ads. When there are multiple ads, the carousel displays one ad at a time and the display will automatically change after a short period of time (which you can define). You can add up to four ads in this widget.

The recommended ad size is 1920 × 250 pixels.

In this widget, you can configure the following:

  • The order in which you want the ads to appear
  • The length of time (in seconds) that you want an ad to be displayed before the carousel displays the next ad
  • The image displayed for each ad
  • The start and end dates of each ad campaign. (When no dates are selected, the ad will be displayed indefinitely.)
  • Add a link for each ad. Clicking the ad will direct the viewer to a webpage.

First, follow the instructions in Accessing Widgets, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Ads Carousel.
  2. Click Add.
  3. If you have the Multi-Language feature enabled, select a language.
  4. Enter a title for the ad. (This title is for your reference only. The title doesn’t appear on the front end, so viewers will not see it.)
  5. If you want the ad to link to an external website or website, enter the link in the URL field.
  6. If you entered a URL in the previous step, choose the URL Target.
  7. In the State field, choose Enabled to publish the ad in the Ads Carousel.
  8. In the Position field, use the arrows to change the order in which the ad will appear. (For example, if you want this ad to appear first in the carousel, you can set the position as 1. For the other ads, set their position as 2, 3, 4, and so on.)
    When the position is not set, ads will appear in random order in the carousel.
  9. To set the start date of the ad, click the calendar button and select the date.
  10. To set the end date of the ad, click the calendar button and select the date.
  11. Click Save.

If you want to add another language to the Ads Carousel text widget, repeat the steps above starting at Step 3.

After you’ve set up a new ad in the Ads Carousel, you can then upload an image file for the ad.

  1. Click Item Image.
  2. Click Choose File, browse to and select the image that you want to use, and then click Open.

    A progress bar appears to show that the image is uploading. When the upload is complete, you can navigate away from this screen.

A preview of the uploaded image appears to indicate that it has been uploaded successfully. You can navigate away from the screen.

Setting the Duration of Ad Displays

If you have added multiple ads to the Ads Carousel, the carousel will rotate the display of the ads. You can set the duration of the ads display.

  1. Click Carousel Settings.
  2. Use the arrow buttons or manually enter a number into the field to set the duration (in seconds). (For example, if the duration is set at 5, that means the ads carousel will rotate the display every 5 seconds.)
  3. If you want to randomize the first ad to be displayed, check the Randomize the start position checkbox. When the page containing the ads carousel is first opened by a viewer, the first ad that they see will be random.
  4. If you want to ads carousel widget to display on your page, check the Show this widget on the page checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

Your changes are saved. You can navigate away from this screen.