Programming Page

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By default, this widget automatically pulls all the videos from your library and displays their thumbnails on the page.

If you have a multi-channel video site, the Programming Page widget will only display all the videos within a channel.

You can filter the display of video thumbnails by choosing Categories and Attribute Groups – all video content that has been assigned to those groups will then appear on the page. This allows you to easily group video content and identify which grouping(s) of content will appear on a single page.

Configuring the Programming Page Widget

First, follow the instructions in Accessing Widgets, then click Programming Page.

See the next topics on this page.

Viewer-Defined Filters

You can choose which attribute groups will appear on the page. Viewers will be able to see the names of those attribute groups on the page and click on them to filter video content.

  1. In the Displayed Filters tab, select an attribute group from the drop-down.
  2. Click Add.

The attribute group is now added to the list of displayed filters.

Content Filters

In the Content Filters tab, you can filter the video content that will appear on the page based on attribute group and attribute filters. Select the filters that you want and videos that are assigned to those filters will be displayed in on the page.

You can use the ‘All‘ or ‘Any‘ filtering option:

  • All: A video must be assigned to all of the filters you’ve selected in order to appear on the page.
  • Any: If a video is assigned to any of the filters you’ve selected, it will appear on the page.

To configure your content filters, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Content Filters tab.
  2. OPTIONAL: By default, ‘All‘ categories are selected. You can select a category from the Category filter drop-down.
  3. Under Attribute groups and attributes filter, select All or Any from the drop-down.
  4. Select the attribute group that you want.
  5. OPTIONAL: After selecting an attribute group, you can also select individual attributes within the group.
  6. Click Save.