Monetization Questions

Can I charge viewers to watch my videos?

Absolutely! Once you have created your original content or decided to share an exciting event with the world, we provide customizable monetization solutions to help you profit from your videos. More so, Vidflex ensures that you keep 100% of your earnings*—after all,  you are the owner.

*Only applies to Vidflex Enterprise customers. LSL customer contracts include a shared revenue model.

What if I want to share my videos free of charge?

Vidflex understands the importance of reaching the largest audience possible, which sometimes means having to remove financial barriers. Whether you're promoting a not-for-profit organization, or you simply want to ensure your content or event is accessible to everyone, it's entirely your decision whether or not to charge viewers.

How can I monetize my videos?

Vidflex provides diverse options for its members to earn revenue from their videos—each of which offers optimal value depending on your unique business goals.

Banner Ad: Embed a company’s advertisement on your web page.

Pre-Roll Ad: Allow advertisers to place one of their ads at the beginning of your video for a pre-determined amount of time.

Pay-per-view (PPV): Charge your viewers each time they view one of your videos, thereby allowing them to view the content for an allotted period before having to purchase it again.

Subscription or Membership: Give your loyal viewers the economic option of paying a flat fee for access to all of your content.

You have the freedom to choose whichever form of monetization best suits your business needs. This customized earnings model gives you the ability to personalize your services rather than having to fit into a  one size fits all type of payment structure.

What payment processing platform is accepted by Vidflex?

Vidflex supports Stripe as its sole, trusted payment processing platform to securely deposit funds from viewers. To register for Stripe’s easy-to-use payment services, head to