Social Sharing

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin


In correlation with creating valuable content, Social Sharing can generate brand awareness, increase viewership and gain interest. 

The Social Sharing tab in a video container allows you to toggle on/off social sharing buttons on the video player page. When turned on it provides a sharing option on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Sharing feature has the option to change the metadata for the video containers title, description and image rather then using its general title, description an cover image. Some search engines will look for words in this description over the general description and title in order to optimize search results.


You can access the Social Sharing tab while editing a video container selected from the Library.

Social Sharing Dashboard

On this screen you can add a sharing title, description and image.

The information below will be used by social media platforms when the video is shared.

Text entered into these fields will override the details from the General tab

Type Description Steps
Language If multi-language is activated on your platform, select the preferred language
  1. Click the preferred language to select it
Sharing Title Add a title that will appear when posted to social media
The title entered here will override the General title of the video container
  1. Type the title in the text field
Sharing Description Add a description of the content
The text entered here will override General description of the video container
  1. Type the description in the text field
Upload an Image The uploaded image will show on the social media shared post
If you do not upload an image here, the shared post will display the next available image for the video (see Cover Images) or the page

Supported file types: png, jpg, jpeg

Recommended image size: 1200 x 630 pixels

  1. Click on the Upload Social Sharing Image button
  2. Select the file and click Open to complete
  3. Once an image is uploaded it will provide a ‘preview’ on the tab
  4. Click Save on the bottom right to complete

Replace an Image

The image you’ve uploaded is visible when shared on social media. The image can be replaced at any time.

  1. Click on the Upload Social Sharing Image button to replace the previously uploaded image
  2. Select a file and click Save to complete
  3. The new image will now appear in the preview window, replacing the previous image 

Delete an Image 

You can delete a Social Sharing image at any time. 

  1. Click the Delete button  
  2. Click Save on the bottom right of the page to complete
  3. The image will be removed, meaning it has been deleted successfully