Create/Find a Live Event Container

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Video Library


A Live Event container contains all the event information required for a unique live stream, including the encoder settings needed to connect a live stream to it. Once a container has been created the Site Admin or Channel Administrator can manage all of the container details and event information. 

For all Live Event Operator admins on your platform they will have a limited view of a live event container. This admin role can only see the General (basic view), Event, Analytics, and Attachments submenus.

In the topics below you'll learn how to create a new live event container, which is the first step to scheduling a future event, and how to find existing live event containers in your platform's back end video library. Once a live event container has been created you can either go straight to managing the Event details for the live stream, or configure its other video management settings first.

Opening the Library

  1. Log into your admin account
  2. Go to Library under Channel Settings
  3. Create a new live event or find an existing one

Create Live Event

  1. At the top of the Library screen toggle to Live Event
  2. Click the Create Live Event button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. In the pop-up window, type in the name of the event
  4. To continue, click Schedule Event
  5. The next screen takes you to the Live Event containers Event tab > Date & Time submenu

Finding an existing live event container

After a Live Event has been added in the Library, you can then access the Live Event's management screen and then select the individual tabs to configure different elements of the Live Event.

  1. In the Library, find the live event that you want to edit
    • You can use the Library's search bar. Type in keywords or the title/name of the live event, and then click the Search Icon in the bar.The Library screen will then display a list of live events relevant to your search.
  2. Click the live event's EDIT button.
  3. You're now in the Live Event management screen. Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all the tabs shown below. For example, if you're a Live Event Operator, you can only see the Event tab.

Video Management Settings

Click on a video management setting link below to learn more about how to configure it for your Live Event.