Live Event Operator User Groups

Who can use this feature

Site Admin, Channel Admin

Supported features: Live Streaming


Live Event Operator (LEO) User Groups are used to designate LEO access to individual or multiple Persistent Streams. Assigned LEO's of a group inherit that group's permissions. LEO's can also be assigned to more than one group as determined by the site administrator.

This will restrict a LEOs view within Game Day Manager, to only see events that are linked to persistent streams that they have permission to view and access.

Add Your LEO's as Admins

  1. Click the Admins menu option from the left hand menu
  2. Click Edit on the Live Event Operator admin group
  1. Click the + Add User button
  2. Type the registered users email into the text field and click their name when they appear
  3. Click the green Add Users As Live Event Operator button

Opening the User Groups Screen

You can access User Groups from the back end of your platform.

  1. On the left hand side menu click on User Groups
  1. The page opens with a dashboard and the following details


The following information in the table below is displayed in the User Groups dashboard. Click on any of the tabs to learn more about it.

The title of your User Group

The description of your User Group

The amount of users in the Group

Enable or Disable the user group

Make changes to the user group

Remove the user group

Create User Group

  1. Click the +Create User Group button
  2. The editor window will open
  3. Enter the Group Name
  4. Add a Description of the User Group (optional) 
  5. Use the dropdown to determine the state: Enabled or Disabled
  6. Click Save to complete

Add New Users

  1. Click the Add New User button
  2. Enter at least three consecutive letters of the registered users email address
  3. Select the desired email address in the dropdown list 
  4. Click the Add Users Into Group (Name) button
  5. The user will be added and visible on the dashboard with additional functions (Edit, Remove)

Assigning a User Group to a Persistent Stream

  1. On the left hand side, click into the "Persistent Streams" tab
  1. Click the Edit pen icon on the Persistent Stream you want to restrict to a user group
  1. Under the "User Group Access" section, select the user group you want to assign to this persistent stream

Now only Live Event Operators added into the user group "Persistent 1" will be able to see and manage events that are linked to that persistent stream

Important: For a persistent stream and its events to be visible, a user group must be assigned to it. If you only have one persistent stream, you will still need to create a user group for it, and assign LEO's into that group.