Introduction to E-Commerce

Who can use this feature

Site Admins and Channel Admins

Supported features: Pay-Per-View, Packages, Login & Register


Your Vidflex video site offers robust monetization tools to help you control how you want to earn revenue with your video content.

These tools include:


Create and manage individual seller profiles on your Vidflex site. Define each seller’s currency, location, and tax information. Group your video content into categories and define tax rules for each category.

Learn more about Sellers


Make a single video purchasable. 

Learn more about Pay-Per-View


Make a group of videos purchasable. 

Learn more about Packages

Promo Codes

Use Promo Codes to offer your viewers discounts on purchasable video content. Run successful marketing promotions that will increase viewership on your video site. 

Learn more about Promo Codes


Your viewers can subscribe to a monthly payment plan to access video content on your Vidflex site. You can choose to offer select video content or your entire video library in a subscription plan.

Making a Purchase

When a user, who is not logged in attempts to watch a video or event with a charge associated, they can login or register to the platform in on the same page.

Click on Login or Register for complete instructions on those topics.

  1. When attempting to watch a video with a cost, click the 'purchase' button in the video player

  2. A pop-up window will appear, enter your credentials as required to login

  3. Once logged in the user will be re-directed to the Billing page to continue
  4. Once the purchase process is complete the user will return to the video container page to start watching